Carob seed extract

Our oligogalactomannans, compounds with incredible properties for the skin, are extracted from organic carob seeds from the Mediterranean Basin. They intensely hydrate skin and stimulate its natural repair mechanisms.

Rice extract

This peptide compound derived from rice is high in bipeptide and tripeptide, which are assimilated quickly to fight overall aging. It makes up for nutrient imbalances in the skin, boosts cell metabolism, and strengthens skin’s defense capacities.

Croton lechleri or dragon’s blood sap

Sap from Amazonian Croton lechleri, known as dragon’s blood, is known for its healing and antioxidant properties conferred by high levels of taspine (reparative) and polyphenols (antioxidant).

Biosaccharide gum-1

This polysaccharide (a complex sugar) is produced through biotechnology by fermenting organic substrates. Its high molecular weight gives it the ability to moisturize the upper layers of the epidermis, leaving it feeling pleasantly soft.

Sodium hyaluronate

This “super-active” ingredient derived from the eco-friendly biotechnological process of bacterial fermentation works deep down to accentuate rejuvenation and skin regeneration through its extraordinary hydrating power. Different molecular weights target different levels of the skin. At the surface, it forms a moisturizing film on the top of the skin that prevents dehydration. In the epidermis, its hydrating effect increases volume to fill wrinkles and plump up the skin. Deeper down, it stimulates collagen synthesis and activates skin microcirculation to increase firmness and provide deep hydration.

Mexican giant hyssop extract

Derived from an herbaceous plant, this extract is used to restore complexion radiance and even out skin tone. It contains acacetin and tilianin, flavonoids with well-known anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces inflammation in the skin and redness caused by stress. It significantly improves the complexion and skin radiance while moisturizing it and restoring its ability to protect itself.

Pancratium maritimum sea daffodil extract

The sea daffodil, also known as the sand lily, is a protected species grown on sandy coasts in Europe. It thrives in harsh conditions of drought, wind, and sun. Its compounds are able to reduce excess melanin production and slow down the emergence of brown spots. It reduces the size of existing brown spots and lightens their color.

Marine exopolysaccharide

The result of a national research program, this compound is proven to be effective at reducing pollution-induced brown spots after just two weeks of use. Its molecular configuration blocks the biological systems that secrete melanin in response to pollution and UV light.

Kigelia fruit extract

Since Antiquity, kigelia fruit extract has been used by African women to maintain a firm bust. It specifically contains flavonoids (which tone the veins by activating blood circulation), steroidal saponins (which help energize the dermis), and phytosterols (known to reduce inflammation). We love its ability to instantly tighten and firm skin, as well as its anti-aging properties.

Soapbark tree extract

The South American soapbark tree, also known as Panama wood, contains saponins in its bark. It has many beneficial properties, including its ability to moisturize the skin by increasing its water content and keeping it soft and smooth.

Rhodella violacea microalgae extract

Biotechnology is used to produce an extract of Rhodella violacea, a microalga with regenerating, oxygenating, and replenishing properties. All-encompassing action protects cells from environmental damage, regenerates them, and effectively replenishes their water levels.

Oat polyose

Oat polyose extracted from organic oats is 100% natural and exerts exceptional tightening forces on the skin with a visible, immediately noticeable lifting effect.

Marine spring water

Drawn from a nature reserve at a depth of over 22 meters off the coast of northern Brittany, this water improves skin vitality and hydration.
It is filtered through sand and a network of granite faults that naturally infuse it with minerals and trace elements to give it a unique composition, high in manganese and silica.

Marine spring water promotes proper intracutaneous water circulation and reinforces communication between the dermis and the epidermis. Sagging in the dermo-epidermal junction is limited, and the skin’s natural elasticity is maintained.

Blackcurrant seed oil

Blackcurrant seed oil is high in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, giving it the ability to reduce inflammation and strengthen the skin barrier. It also preserves the skin’s natural moisture levels to keep it soft and smooth.

Balloon vine extract

This tropical climbing plant produces fruit shaped like pointed bells, which contain small black seeds known as “heart peas.” It is now also grown in Europe for use in homeopathy to treat eczema and dermatitis.

Sunflower oil concentrate

Organically farmed sunflower oil concentrate has a high proportion of unsaponifiable lipids (phytosterols, tocopherols, and an array of vitamins) that improve elasticity, stimulate cellular metabolism, and boost skin regeneration. Its high essential fatty acid levels (linoleic acid) stabilize the skin barrier in dry and irritated skin.

Pomegranate vegetable oil

Certified-organic pomegranate fruits are cold-pressed to extract pomegranate oil, a naturally repairing, fatty acid-rich antioxidant. No preservatives are added. It stimulates cell formation, increases skin elasticity, and regenerates tissues. It is also known for its anti-inflammatory action.


Extracted from pomegranate skin, the polyphenols specific to pomegranate (punicalagin) have been shown to act as antioxidants and antigenotoxic agents. Pomegranate juice is three times more antioxidant than green tea. Studies further show that it has beneficial effects in inhibiting cancer.

Niaouli essential oil

Niaouli essential oil stimulates natural defense mechanisms and promotes circulatory comfort. It is a highly potent natural antiseptic with antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antifungal properties.

Sophora japonica flower extracts

Native to eastern China and Japan, this plant is fundamental in traditional Chinese medicine.
It is known and renowned for its triple action on the skin:

  • It stimulates skin defense and repair mechanisms
  • It is highly effective on the circulatory system
  • It stops bleeding and heals wounds


This plant-based lipid derived from organically grown sugar cane residue helps restore the skin’s lipid barrier. It is an excellent emollient and easily penetrates the epidermis to hydrate, soften, and increase suppleness for silky-feeling skin.

Complex of xylitol and glucose

his plant-based, preservative-free, allergen-free, GMO-free complex combines xylitol from birch bark with glucose. It can hold one thousand times its weight in water and both hydrates deeply, to visibly nourish skin within eight hours, and restructures the skin barrier in just twenty-four hours after application.

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